Wolfe Law's core practice is business litigation and dispute resolution.

Business disputes accompany the exhilaration of business success and the disappointment of an underperforming business. Wolfe Law appreciates the personal and emotional investment that owners and managers put into their businesses, and how this can magnify the threat and severity of business disputes.

A company’s time and resources are usually better spent on operations, not litigating business disputes. Yet, many disputes cannot be resolved without legal representation. Wolfe Law creates strategies to resolve disputes efficiently. After evaluating the underlying facts, the firm assesses all parties’ claims and defenses and determines if the dispute can be settled without litigation. If not, the firm represents clients through the litigation process.

The firm’s business litigation practice has represented clients in disputes involving the following claims:

  • Breach of contract and unjust enrichment;
  • Breach of fiduciary duty;
  • Federal and state computer crimes and corresponding civil liability;
  • Fraud, fraudulent misrepresentation, and negligent misrepresentation;
  • Misappropriation of corporate opportunity;
  • Violations of restrictive covenants, including non-compete and non-solicitation provisions.
  • Tortious interference with contractual and business relationships; and
  • Various states’ Uniform Deceptive Trade Practice Act.


  • Obtained jury verdict that included declaratory judgment over company ownership, monetary damages, attorneys’ fees, and punitive damages, and obtained permanent injunction against defendant in June 2021. Hawkins, et al. v. Graham, CA No. 2019CV326135 (Fulton County Superior Court, June 30, 2021).
  • Obtained summary judgment for commercial real estate investor, dismissing former business partners’ claims in a business dissolution dispute in March 2017 in Fulton County Business Court.
  • Successfully moved to dismiss an injunction claim and a tortious interference with business relations claim in the Northern District of Georgia in March 2017.
  • Obtained complete defense verdict, award on counterclaims, and a $475,000 attorneys’ fee award for client following a Glynn County jury trial in August 2016.
  • Obtained order granting cross-motion for summary judgment in favor of clients’ claims for breach of contract and against opposing parties’ counterclaims. Hink, et al. v. OpSolve, LLC, et al., CA No. 2014 CV 246492 (Fulton County Superior Court, October 2, 2015).