Compassionate, super sharp, laser-focused attorney

I had the pleasure of working with Elie Wolfe during a troubling legal dispute with a previous employer. Elie was very thorough and he really took the time to understand every detail of my case. He served as my attorney and did an excellent job of explaining complex legal situations in ways that were easier for me to understand. He was also transparent in terms of our legal strategy. I always had a sense of clear legal direction from Elie’s work. Most importantly, Elie was empathetic to my situation which seemed to create a strong sense of passion in his work. I felt very comforted knowing I was being represented by a compassionate, super sharp, laser-focused attorney. I developed a profound respect for Elie’s work. They say every challenging situation results in a lesson learned or a positive attribute of some kind. My legal situation resulted in a friendship with Elie both personally and professionally. For that I am truly grateful.

—Managing partner of technology consulting company
You will find no one with more conviction and compassion

Elie Wolfe is an attorney with the rare ability to exhibit great skill, knowledge and professionalism, with a refreshingly friendly and direct approach.  Upon my initial consultation I was impressed with his honesty and integrity as we discussed if he was the right match for my legal needs.  As we began the process of working together I found him extremely trustworthy, responsive and communicative. Elie proved to be an invaluable advocate as he assisted me throughout every step of my contract negotiation. He really took the time to listen and understand what my goals were and helped me achieve the best possible outcome. As a life-long entrepreneur, having dealt with many attorneys over the years, I can say without any hesitation that my experience with Elie Wolfe was the best experience I have ever had with an attorney.  I honestly believe that when you need an advocate, you will find no one with more conviction and compassion.  It is for all these reasons that I offer my wholehearted recommendation.

He is exactly the kind of attorney you want on your side

I was very fortunate to have Elie represent me in an arbitration case earlier this year. I couldn't imagine having a more passionate or capable lawyer representing me. He is exactly the kind of attorney you want on your side: smart, likeable, ethical and extremely hardworking. Everything I experienced while working with him led me to believe that that he's in the legal profession for the right reasons. I would recommend him to my mother if she needed a good lawyer.

—Co-founder of e-commerce site and vice president of sales, marketing, and operations for publicly traded media company
My relationship with Elie is based on one word: trust

My relationship with Elie is based on one word: trust. I trust that Elie will give me straightforward advice, I trust that Elie will treat me with honesty and integrity, and I trust that the advice that Elie gives is advice that I should follow.

—Author and Screenwriter
Always 100% focused on the client

Elie is a great attorney. Not only is he very thorough with his legal analysis and consideration of each case from multiple angles, but he is of exceptional moral character. When I worked with him to service a large corporate client, he was always 100% focused on the client. He would engage in thoughtful discussions about potential legal arguments and strategies, and collaborate with other attorneys with the sole focus of trying to win a case.

—Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review
His intellect is exceeded only by his integrity

I've known Elie for over 10 years and can honestly say that his intellect is exceeded only by his integrity. He is one of the hardest working and most committed people I know, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney.

—Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review