Why Wolfe Law?

At its core, Wolfe Law is about improving the final results for its clients’ legal needs and improving their experience obtaining those results. The firm represents each client with integrity, provides top-quality legal services, and maximizes client value.

Law 3.0

The Information Revolution has overturned multiple industries in the last three decades. Many firms fear technological developments. Not Wolfe Law. The firm adopts technological innovations to streamline its costs and improve its clients’ results. Through new technology, the firm: cuts unnecessary overhead, increases the time available for collaborating with clients, and delivers legal solutions more efficiently. By welcoming technological innovations, the firm can adapt and respond to client needs, cut costs, and improve the client experience.


Legal fees are almost always a necessary component to legal representation. But too often legal fees impede an effective attorney-client relationship. The quality of legal representation suffers when cost concerns interfere with attorney-client communication and collaboration. At the onset of a new matter, the firm works with clients to ensure the legal fee structure does not interfere with lines of communication. Wolfe Law was designed to minimize unnecessary expenses so the firm can maximize its flexibility in creating legal fee solutions that work for both the client and the firm.