Compassionate, super sharp, laser-focused attorney

I had the pleasure of working with Elie Wolfe during a troubling legal dispute with a previous employer. Elie was very thorough and he really took the time to understand every detail of my case. He served as my attorney and did an excellent job of explaining complex legal situations in ways that were easier for me to understand. He was also transparent in terms of our legal strategy. I always had a sense of clear legal direction from Elie’s work. Most importantly, Elie was empathetic to my situation which seemed to create a strong sense of passion in his work. I felt very comforted knowing I was being represented by a compassionate, super sharp, laser-focused attorney. I developed a profound respect for Elie’s work. They say every challenging situation results in a lesson learned or a positive attribute of some kind. My legal situation resulted in a friendship with Elie both personally and professionally. For that I am truly grateful.

— Managing partner of technology consulting company
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